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It’s a game where you are the basilisk! You live in a cellar. Your gaze turns people into a stone. Your goal is to fossilize as many children as you can! Watch out! Some of them have a mirror, so you can’t look at them – if you’d see yourself, you’d turn yourself into a stone!

You're ready? So put on your cardboard, get your gamepad in your hands and go!

PS. Control: use gamepad to walk around. Gaze kills.

Based on a polish legend about the basilisk

Made for Palace Game Jam by myself. Game for cardboard VR (android)

Theme - Legend

Install instructions

It's normal apk file. Just download and install it. If you got an error "Install blocked" or similar - install from google play OR go to android Settings -> Security -> enable "Unknown sources". And then install it.

Thanks for downloading!


0.08 - not even alpha 16 MB
012.apk 17 MB
020.apk 17 MB
021.apk 17 MB

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