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Yeah. The game is the real life! You become a parent, responsible for feeding your children... You need to feed them but they must not overeat! Also, check if any of them is not so hungry to die!


The game is simple. You need to keep the children alive for specific amount of time.
Click on a child to feed it. On the left side of each child there is a progress bar. It indicates hungry level. If it's too much... well see yourself ;) If it falls to 0, the child dies...

There are 10 levels. I wanted to do more, but there wasn't enough time to create more mechanics.

It's a game about balance, time management and ... human resources :D

Used software: Unity, GraphicsGale, GoldWave and GIMP.

Game made for Ludum Dare 40 (compo).

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Download 14 MB
Download 14 MB
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