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Mass Effect and Witcher meets Star Wars and LOTR!

Massive shooter. You''re on a spaceship. 2 guns. One for people, one for zombies. 2 worlds - parallel realities, positive and negative, one with soldiers and one with zombies. Watch out! You are in both of them in the same time but you can see just one at a time. You have a magic ring to enter the second reality. The goal is to walk through the level (we are the only one who knows where the end is!!! buhahaha) and wait until the time goes to 0.

Made for Warsaw Film School Game Jam IV , theme was 'negative'. In less than 36 hours!

A few things which we didn't made by ourselves are font, shoot sound, muzzle flash texture, and all rigging and human animations made using mixamo.

Made by:

Arputikos - programming, UI, VFX (change reality effect, muzzle flash, sparks, blood, etc.)


Hobbit Of Hobbiton - programming, level design and music


Dreamy - all graphics (character and environment 3d models, texturing, etc.)


Keep tuned fot the new version!!!! This is just a demo.


WSAD - walking

1 - first weapon, for people

2 - second weapon, for zombies

right mouse click - switch between realities

left click - shoot

Incorrect gun will cause in no damage to enemies.

Good luck, soldier!


[bug] When the player is taking or putting down the weapon, please don't press 1 or 2. Waiting until finish of the animation or it'll glitch

[bug] sometimes you can get black or white screen. Don't panic jest press F4 to close the game and play it again. It will be fixed. maybe. :P

Can be considered as benchmark :P Tested on lenovo y700-15 and athlon II x4 with GTX750.


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